Search Spotlight – Shirts Made to be Worn with Leggings

It’s no secret that leggings are comfier than pants.  I’m a HUGE fan but know that choosing a top long enough to keep everything covered is a must. This is a fashion rule that wasn’t made to be broken, not this year anyway. So today’s post is dedicated to finding that perfect top to pair with those leggings that we all secretly love to wear. This look is very versatile.  I went with a casual version for this post, but it’s just a pair of Nikes and a track jacket away from being athleisure.  Or, throw on some boots, a silk scarf, and a bracelet and you might just be mistaken for being dressed up.  Enough chit chat though…let’s go!


What I’m wearing

  • Brandy Melville striped long tee (above left) $10.49, here
  • Victoria’s Secret tee (above right) $10, here
  • French connection tee shirt dress (cover image) $3.72, here
  • Zella leggings purchased this wardrobe staple new, here
  • Adidas Superstars (above) purchased new, here
  • Converse in color “light surplus” (cover image) purchased new, here
  • J. Crew denim jacket (cover image) $11, here

Get the Look

A couple tips when doing your own shopping for a leggings worthy top: search for phrases like “shirt dress”, “tunic”, or “long tee”. On the flip side, don’t forget to include these phrases when selling one so more people can find it.  Here are a couple of identical and very similar picks for y’all.  Enjoy!

From left to right, starting at the top:

  • Brandy Melville lookalike striped shirt $8, here
  • Max Studio striped tunic $6, here
  • H&M shirtdress $9, here
  • Striped dress by 21 $6, here
  • French Connection long sleeved tunic $11, here
  • French Connection striped tunic $10, here
  • Aerie striped top $6, here
  • French Connection lookalike $10, here

These on-trend pieces will sell out quickly at these super low prices, and the prices may go up or down.  Remember to subscribe to my blog so you can be the first to know about my picks next week!


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