When Life Hands Me Lemons…

After an online search for thrifted destroyed jeans, I looked at the unsellable jeans in my own Poshmark closet and had a moment.  I realized that I had been attempting to sell a perfect fitting pair (here) because of a couple loose threads while spending my time looking for a new pair with multiple holes and damage.  I am not usually the up-cycling type because I can’t sew a straight line to save my life, but the look I was going for seemed pretty easy to achieve.  I’ll walk you through how I did it.

First, I’m trying the jeans on and marking them with a soap bar so I know where to cut when they’re off.
Slowly & gradually cutting with a pair of scissors.  These jeans are more like jeggings (thin & stretchy) and I found out that the slits should be cut at least an inch apart on this particular fabric, otherwise the fabric between the slits folds/rolls into itself.  The rules are different for denim without stretch.


Cutting the very minimum and trying them on in between cuts.  This is more time consuming but worth it because the cuts look different when the jeans are being worn.


Enjoying the final result!

I hope this helps if you’re thinking about giving your jeans a makeover.  Feel free to ask questions in the comment section – I’d love to hear from y’all!


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What I’m wearing

  • AEO striped top $6 (purchased on Poshmark), here
  • Anthropologie necklace $5 (purchased on Poshmark), here
  • BCBG jeggings, rescued from my Poshmark closet here & upcycled
  • BCBG studded tote (purchased on Poshmark), here
  • Baublebar bracelet set $8 (purchased on Poshmark), here
  • Caged heels $7 (purchased on Poshmark), here

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