5 Strategies to a Speedy Sale on Poshmark & Mercari

Shortly after my online thrifting habit began, I made a vow to myself that I’d only buy on apps like Poshmark & Mercari when I had enough credits from my sales to support the purchase.  This prevents me from over spending, keeps my wardrobe in check, and motivated me to find ways to sell fast enough to keep up with the changing seasons and trends.

Let’s face it – working with the public can be tricky sometimes and if you’ve never had the pleasure, some of their questions and requests can seem harsh.  Whether you’re new to online thrifting or new to customer service in general–I’ve got you covered with these strategies on how to make your closet purge a success.


  • On Mercari and Poshmark, it’s smart to initially price things with some “wiggle room” – at least 10 to 15% higher than your bottom line price.  I do this for a couple reasons.  Lots of potential buyers want to negotiate regardless of the price, and it’s a lot easier to make a sale if you’ve priced it with that in mind.  Some buyers go elsewhere when their offer is ignored or declined so it’s nice to have room to counter-offer or accept.  Also, Poshmark and Mercari send notifications to potential buyers that have liked the item when the seller drops the price of an item by at least 10%.  Poshmark even offers a random shipping discount ($4.99 instead of $6.49) for 1 hour after a price drop of at least 10%.  More info on this here.
  • Designing your closet to show up more frequently in search results is the TICKET!  Luckily there are several ways to do this.  Adding a variety of brands increases visitors.  It also helps to update your closet with new item(s) as often as possible.  Most importantly (and I can’t stress this enough) it helps to think of accurate descriptions for each item because this is how it will show up in shoppers’ search results.  Poshmark & Mercari’s search results pull from the title and description, so it doesn’t pay to cut it short.
  • A prompt & friendly attitude can make a sale.  Promptness is essential, so the potential buyer doesn’t get antsy and spend their money elsewhere.  If you’re out-n-about and their question is specific (inseam measurement, fabric content, etc.) politely let them know you’ll get back to them in a couple hours with the info.  I’d say Mercari is the most notorious of the thrifting sites for outrageous requests, although Poshmark has it moments.  On Mercari, I posted a $5 jacket with $6 shipping for sale, and a potential buyer asked me if I would ship it for free, which means it would have cost me $1 to sell the jacket.  Instead of ignoring the request, I politely explained why I couldn’t offer free shipping.  It never pays to ignore questions or respond rudely, because it makes a seller appear rude & unprofessional to other potential buyers.  It leaves others wondering if you’ll bother to answer their questions politely or even bother to ship the item at all.
  • Accurately represent your item with clear photos and descriptions, including any flaws, imperfections, and alterations.  Misrepresented items lead to returns and/or negative feedback which scares future potential buyers away.  But y’all already knew that one right?!
  • When in Rome (or Poshmark)…. Poshmark has it’s own set of rules for self-promotion so take advantage of this & be as active as possible! Share your own listings every day, share other Poshers’ listings, follow lots of other people – this gets your stuff out there too!


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What I’m Wearing


  • Talbots bell sleeve top $5 on Poshmark, here
  • Destroyed jeans $10 on Poshmark, here
  • Kate Spade bangle $13 on Poshmark, here
  • Oliver People sunnies on Mercari, here
  • Adidas Superstar shoes, an investment piece here

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