5 Tips on Maintaining YOUR Shape

In all my thrifting I’ve noticed that one of the most common reasons people offer for selling absolutely beautiful pieces of clothing is that they simply don’t fit anymore.  I work hard to make sure this doesn’t happen to me, so all my pieces continue to fit beautifully and I’d like to share my secrets with you!

Mind you, there’s bound to be a time in everyone’s life when they’re a couple pounds up (right after/during a pregnancy, a hotdog & beer eating contest, college, etc.) or a couple pounds down (after a breakup, an attempt at an all carrots diet, etc.).  If this happens to be the case for you, I would suggest refraining from investing in clothes until you’re back to your usual comfortable weight, as these aren’t crash diet tips of any sort, but a shift into a healthier lifestyle.  I also know that genetics can and do come in to play.  I’m simply sharing my fool-proof tips with you on how I maintain my usual size 4/6 in a healthy way.  So let’s get started!


  1. I stick to organic or non-GMO food.  This takes a little bit of effort because GMO’s are everywhere these days, but after having made the switch almost 5 years ago to all GMO-free or organic food, I’ve felt healthier overall and it makes a difference in staying slim.  Our brains don’t recognize genetically modified food as “real” food, so we eat more until we are full.  And yes, there’s research to back this up.
  2. Minding the drinking.  Luckily I have bounced back to my usual size, but I attribute my freshman 15 to alcohol and GMO-rich cafeteria foods.  I have learned to limit alcohol consumption to the weekend (or 1-2 times per week), if that.  Not only does alcohol provide extra calories & increase appetite, our metabolism literally stops working just to deal with it.  Learn more here.  I also avoid all sugary drinks, including soda & sweet tea.
  3. I eat when I’m hungry, rather than eating out of boredom or habit.  Although today’s culture would love us to believe otherwise, our bodies weren’t designed to graze on sugary food constantly throughout the day.  This can yo-yo blood sugar levels and ultimately lead to weight gain.  I also don’t eat sugary cereal based on Kellogg’s flawed studies claiming it’s “the most important meal of the day”, and I’m not alone.  Also, workplaces can be the worst for temptation.  If it’s not donuts for breakfast, then it’s cake for someone’s birthday or going away party.  I always pass on these “treats” because in addition to spiking and crashing blood sugar, they also likely have GMO’s.*
  4. Obviously staying moderately active helps, even if it’s just walking a couple times a week.  However, I find weight lifting a couple times a week to be the key.  I prefer doing this at home with dumbbells and kettle bells.
  5. Taking time for spiritual growth – I suggest meditating at least once a week or if you’re religious, going to church.  For some it may be getting in to nature or finding a special activity.  Whatever it may be, finding a way to spiritually connect to the universe in a deep way makes all the difference in happiness, and has a positive impact on overall health.

*Always check with your doctor/dietician if you’re prone to low blood sugar or have special and/or contradicting dietary instructions before making any diet changes.


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What I’m Wearing

  • Lilly Pulitzer wide leg crop pants, purchased at local thrift store for $20
  • American Eagle semi-sheer lace top, purchased at local thrift store for $5
  • Michael Kors sunnies, here
  • BCBG nude ankle strap flats available on Poshmark, here

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