Organizing my Wardrobe Part II

In past posts I’ve given closet organization tips & offered advice on how to begin thrifting unwanted clothes online but what about the fun part – rebuilding your wardrobe with current styles you’ll actually wear?  Sure, I post the latest trends available on these thrifting sites every Saturday, but how do you know what’s right for your lifestyle?  This is what today’s post is all about.  I find that the best motivators to sell are keeping an organized closet and making extra room & cash for my next wardrobe goal, so let’s get to it!

Stop and think before buying. When thrifting, it’s entirely up to the shopper to buy outfits that make sense. There’s usually not a catalog or lookbook involved in this online thrifting process, so I suggest having very specific looks in mind before browsing.  If you’re the creative trendsetting type and can dream this up on your own, go for it.  Others may want to browse magazines and fashion blogs (like this one) for ideas.

The list: I described a list to assist in closet purging here. It’s time to revisit that list – a list of reasons that you choose to wear the things that you do on a daily basis. It can definitely be a helpful tool when shopping to ensure you’ll actually wear the things you buy. For example, if you like things that are machine washable, ask the person selling it for care instructions. A good sales person is friendly and happy to answer questions, and it could be a red flag if your question is ignored, which brings me to my next point on sizing.

Get the right fit: I try to stick to my favorite brands & styles, because I have an idea about the sizing and being stuck with poorly fitting threads is such a bummer! Sometimes it happens though – we see something that would be just perfect but aren’t familiar with the brand. In this situation, I always ask for measurements. Common measurements for pants are inseam, waist, & ankle. Common measurements for tops are length, armpit to armpit, and sleeve length. If you’re unsure of what measurements would work for you, find a similar garment that fits you well and measure that to compare.

Get a closet organizer app: This has been a Godsend for me.  I take screenshots of my wardrobe goals and add them to the wish list category and take screenshots of what I buy when I buy it and add those too.  I’m able to put my different items together to create outfits, as I have below.  The app I used for my iPhone was called Stylebook and for my Droid is called YourCloset.  They are both basically the same and equally amazing!


Get the most bang for your buck: To maximize your wardrobe, choose pieces that mix & match easily to create different looks.  Not only is it OK to combine clashing prints, when done correctly it can be amazing.  Taking this tip to heart can also be a big help for lightening your load when going on vaca!



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What I’m Wearing

  • American Apparel Skirt, here
  • Necessary Clothing floral crop top available, here
  • Gold link stretch bracelet $5, here
  • Adidas Superstar shoes (a staple piece –purchased new, here)

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