Search Spotlight – The Perfect Graphic Tee


One of the amazing things about summer is that it gives so many people a chance to slow down and enjoy life a bit.  Summer is the time for vacations, staycations, getaways, and marks the end of another school year.  I enjoy my typical lazy summer day at home and can be found in workout gear or a tee shirt and jeans.  I was glad to see that graphic tees are in style this summer because they are an effortless way to be on trend.  Most of us have a handful of graphic tees in the back of our closet too, even if it’s the wrinkled one from the camp we attended in the 4th grade!  Just in case you recently did some spring cleaning, here’s my selection of adorable thrifted graphic tees just for you!  You’ll also find coupons for these thrifting sites below, valid for first timers.

Starting at the top:

  • Zara lips Tee $8 & $25, here & here
  • Madewell zebra Tee $9, here
  • Madewell star Tee $15, here
  • American Apparel pineapple crop $7, here
  • Madewell palm trees shirt $16, here
  • Madewell ocean life tee $11, here
  • Madewell bike Tee (same as what I’m wearing) $10, here
  • Brandy Melville donut crop $9, here



COUPON CODES for your first purchase at Tradesy, Poshmark, ThredUP, & Mercari!!  Some only work when signing up for the first time in the phone apps.

  • Join me on Poshmark – use code NEUOK to save $5 off your first purchase.
  • Join me on ThredUP  use this link here to save $10 off your first purchase.
  • Join me on Tradesy – use this link here to save $20 off your first $50 purchase.
  • Join me on Mercari  use code TZQHMB to save $2 off your first purchase.


How I Styled it:

  • Madewell bicycle linen tee $13, here
  • Pointy toe Crocs flats, size 7 is available here
  • Zara gingham ankle pants $20.99, here


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