Gaga over Gingham!


I have been waiting all summer to tell y’all just how much I love gingham. Yes, I do realize that practically every fashion blogger loves gingham, but the rave reviews in the blogging world happen to be on point! In this article here I mentioned that most colors go out of style every year and the prints & patterns situation is basically the same. Sometimes I stumble upon “unicorns” with immunity to the fleeting nature of trends. Just like the color mustard, gingham is an interesting classic print that’s on-trend practically every summer. For this reason I’ve pushed my gingham post to the side all summer and accumulated quite a few gingham pieces, which I’m so excited to share.

Not to take the spotlight away from my readers, today’s post is all about finding the perfect thrifted gingham. So let’s get started!

  1. Asos $24 & similar dress here by Zara in size Large for $20
  2. Zara $13 (I’m eyeing this one for myself!)
  3. A&F $8
  4. A&F $12 (extra small)
  5. American Apparel $15
  6. Kate Spade $9
  7. Zara $10 (I’m eyeing this one too)
  8. Zara $18 size medium & $25 size small 
  9. Zara $13 size medium

*These thrifted finds are size small unless otherwise noted.  Feel free to comment or email me with specific size requests for future posts.




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