Shining in the Shade

Unnamed_4I like to keep things pretty current around here at F&T and often describe pieces as being “on-trend” to let everyone know that despite being an overly serious thrifter, I know what’s up.  This week is no exception. I happen to know that at the top of every procrastinator’s shopping list is a pair of eclipse viewing shades. The eclipse is so temporary though and that sun just keeps coming back for more, so today’s post is all about finding the sunnies that make you radiate every day! After looking through hundreds of them on Poshmark and hand picking the very best ones, you just might find something here that catches your eye.  As a side note, the iPhone camera works as a filter to protect your eyes from the eclipse, because safety first y’all.  Let’s get started!



  1. Quay $20
  2. Quay $17
  3. Madewell $18
  4. Madewell $20
  5. Quay $17 here & $7 here
  6. Ralph Lauren $25
  7. J. Crew $14
  8. Quay $17

AirBrush_20170515151455~3You’re invited to subscribe to my blog, by clicking the blue button.  If you’re new to these secondhand sites, here’s a link to some coupon codes you can use when you sign-up.


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