Cold Shoulders


Life is full of so many twists and turns and fashion is no exception.  I remember my preteen days of going shopping with my mom and wanting so badly to be on-trend that I’d happily choose things that looked absolutely ridiculous on me.  Fast forward to today, I’d like to think things are a little different.  Still staying on-trend, I do it with a grain of salt.  Occasionally the designers’ interpretations of the latest runway styles just don’t jive with my personal style or body type at all.  We have all been there.  I’m talking about that sinking feeling of walking into a mall or shopping at our favorite online store with high hopes, only to leave empty handed.  These days, instead of blindly going with the flow (and looking silly) I like to get around it by finding a better version of these trends on thrifting sites like Poshmark.  I’m here to tell you that the styles coming out this fall are actually pretty darn amazing! I am so excited about the outfits that were sported on the runway and can’t wait to see what pops up in the secondhand world.  The shoulder baring look is going strong – specifically the one-shoulder trend.  I happen to love this because it’s flattering on me, and I think it adds an extra little spring in my step!  If you are equally in love with cold shoulders, I have some budget friendly picks just for you!


  1. Zara $25
  2. Free People $6
  3. Zara $20
  4. Zara $15 & similar here
  5. Asos $24
  6. Madewell $16 in xs
  7. Zara $18 in xs
  8. Zara $10

*The above thrifted finds are in size small, unless otherwise stated. I welcome specific size requests for future posts via my email or in the comment section.

Up for grabs in my closet


This pink off-the-shoulder Zara top is now available in my closet here. I’ll give an extra 25% off when you mention this blog post in a Poshmark comment!



These neoprene floral Zara pants in size 4 are now available in my closet here. I’ll give an extra 25% off when you mention this blog post in a Poshmark comment!

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