Top 6 Activewear Must-Haves

Has anyone else ever had that nightmare where they look around and realize they are out in public without any clothes on (and then spend the rest of the dream explaining, hiding, or trying to cover up with whatever you happen to be carrying)?  My nightmares are usually centered around the theme of not being properly prepared, so I am pretty familiar with this dream.  As people, most of us like to be prepared for whatever life throws at us


When we have a favorite workout routine, activewear designers make it very easy for us to perform our best.  Whether it’s running, biking, weight lifting, outdoor sports, yoga, or a Netflix binge, I like my gear to perform accordingly.  Today’s post is basically a round up of the best high tech workout gear.  And who knows – after wearing the appropriately designed workout gear for your activity, you may just start having nightmares about wearing your yoga pants for a run.  But hey, it beats being naked!


1. Speed TightsspeedtightsI love these for running and walking because they are basically like a wearable purse!  They have huge pockets on the side big enough to securely hold an iPhone Plus and an iPod (without looking like camo pants) and a zippered pocket in the back that can hold a key and credit card.  The fabric that they’re using to make these is called Full-on Luxtreme which is a non-pilling, sweat wicking fabric that can hold it’s own during high-intensity workouts.  It tends to be on the slippery side like spandex, so this may not be ideal in a yoga or pilates studio.  Lululemon usually keeps a version of these stocked throughout the year.

2. Flyaway Tamer IIflyawayThis headband stays put, keeps my earphones in place, and is just big enough to absorb sweat from my run so that it doesn’t collect in my hair (you can thank me for that tip later!).  That’s a multitasking headband for just $12 – yes please!  It is one of Lululemon’s staple pieces so luckily it (or a similar version) will be available on their website for a while.  As a side note, I have a large amount of super fine shoulder length hair and a smallish head. They also make a skinnier version of this and other headbands with thicker designs/materials that could be better depending on your preferences.

3. Rain on Train on Jacket traininrain.png

This flattering little water resistant jacket is my favorite outdoor running companion for fall and spring.  The thing I love the most about it is that the fabric is so soft – not plasticky like most rain jackets and it still keeps me dry.  As an added bonus it has cuffins (bottom left photo) – the sleeve cuffs can literally extend into mittens to keep my fingers warm when I run in the rain.  Great thinking, Lululemon.  That happens to be exactly what I needed!  As if that weren’t enough, it also has zippered water resistant pockets, and a visor hood that I can stick my pony tail through.  Unfortunately it’s sold out so I’ll be relying on sites like Poshmark if I need to restock on this!

4. Tranquil Tank


This is the lightest weight tank I’ve ever owned and it’s managed the durability test of time.  It’s like a cross between mesh and spandex and has that barely there feeling.  I use it for running and hanging out on hot days but it’s basically perfect for keeping cool during any sweat session I can think of from hot yoga to field days in the tropics.  A couple summers ago I stocked up on this big time.  I have an extra size 4 that’s available HERE.

5. Swiftly Techlululemon-swiftly-tech-short-sleeve-crew-capri-black-028292-33563 If the Speed Tights (or Wunder Unders) are the meat of Lululemon, this would be the potatoes!  It’s definitely a Lulu staple and performs well for most activities.  The thin material makes it a perfect lightweight layer for multiple sports.  I’m currently obsessed with the short sleeve version, but a long sleeve and tank version are available too! The one “catch” with this shirt is that some people have reported that it’s prone to snagging.

6. Zella Live-in Leggingzella.png

Surprise! My favorite yoga pants aren’t Lululemon, but they most certainly are a go-to basic necessity.  They’re so similar (and arguably better) to Lululemon’s Wunder Under, but for half the price! They’re perfect for everything from everyday wear (think chunky sweaters and tall boots….) to yoga and I’m absolutely loving this new high waist version.




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