Trend Alert – The Track Pant


Anybody that knows me knows that I enjoy dressing up, but also long for comfort.  Unfortunately these two things rarely go together and I’m forced to decide between the two every day.  Last year’s comfy atheleisure trend has evolved into something even more beautiful – the track pant trend.  Celebrities like Kendall Jenner are sporting this major trend update by finding ways to dress up the otherwise casual pants.  Today’s post features my hand-picked Poshmark selection of adorable budget-friendly thrifted track pants and styling suggestions, so let’s get started!




Thrifted Track Pant Outfit Picks


  1. $17
  2. $15
  3. $20
  4. $51 Michael Kors
  5. $20
  6. $60
  7. $45
  8. $28
  9. $32 Anthropologie
  10. $60 Rebecca Minkoff
  11. $25
  12. $9 (size 6.5)


Kendall Jenner is rocking the track pant trend again.


Cheers, to looking like a celeb in your latest thrifted finds.  You’re invited to subscribe to my blog, by clicking the blue subscribe button.  If you’re new to the secondhand world of fashion, here are some coupon codes you can use when you sign-up.


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