The Art of a Wardrobe Update

Doesn’t a day trip to France sound nice right about now? We could tour the artsy side of town and then sip our lattes and admire that cool French girl style that’s simple, elegant, and timeless. I sometimes imagine what it would be like to only own beautifully made classic pieces, like a French girl and find ways to incorporate this style into my look. Although investment pieces tend to be pricier, they also get more use and elevate multiple outfits. A handful of the right pieces can give you that certain jenesequa in no time (the accent will take some work). You’ll also find a couple inexpensive ways to update your look this season, so let’s get started!

The Backpack PurseAirBrush_20171105143305~2.jpgI recommend splurging on an everyday bag you love – not necessarily a backpack if that’s not your style.  I happen to like this little number by Rebecca Minkoff and bonus points because backpacks are on trend right now.  Sometimes there are deals on the secondhand sites too, if you’re confident in your ability to spot a fake.

The BootieIMG_20171105_132156~2.jpgThe versatile bootie style is a must for fall footwear and you can’t go wrong with Frye. Splurge a little on this one because it’s a classic!

Suede airbrush_20171104210253~2469435078..jpgI am loving this jacket right now. Suede is super on-trend this season and it’s close to my heart for bringing out my southern side but makes for a fun contrast with the moto cut, resulting in a versatile look. As adorable as it is, I don’t recommend breaking the bank with this look. If you’re buying new, chances are this BlankNYC jacket will go on sale, but wait too long and it might go out of style! Snag this one by Zara for just $20!

Cropped Sweaters AirBrush_20171105142625.jpgPaired with high rise bottoms, the cropped sweater trend is an adorbs update, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save some moo-lah too!  Poshmark is full of all kinds of cropped tops and high waisted bottoms right now.  I especially love this look in blue jeans, but you can’t go wrong with this cut of the moment.







The Color Red AirBrush_20171104224730.jpgI find this color to be a natural head-turner. Now that it’s on-trend, why not?! You could go bold with red jeans or add a splash of color with a pair of red earrings. Unless bright vibrant red happens to be YOUR color, I recommend saving here. The clothes from this look are all for sale here.


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