Thrift & Fab’s Official Guide to Deciphering Thrifting Slang

At the end of the day, thrifting is supposed to be fun. I definitely enjoy creating the perfect listing, but then there are times when I just want to kick back and browse for that perfect denim jacket as I sip on my wine. Getting a peek into other peoples’ closets can be relaxing and thrilling, like a virtual treasure hunt for fashion. My favorite time to browse is after dinner as I’m curling up on the couch and watching TV. But nothing is more annoying (when casually shopping slash unwinding) than a description only containing a foreign acronym or slang.  This week’s post is more of a reference than actual reading material, so all my readers will know exactly what these acronyms mean.  Let’s go!


NWT & BNWT: These are acronyms that sellers use to describe the condition of an item that is New With Tag (attached) & Brand New With Tag (attached). The retail tag is the removable sales tag showing the price or barcode.

NWOT: Similar to the above phrases, this stands for New With Out Tag. A “NWOT” item is still in new condition, but the tags have been removed. All items marked NWT, BNWT, & NWOT should be in new & unused condition without any signs of wear.

NIB: This stands for New In Box and usually describes shoes.  The item may or may not have a tag attached, but should show no signs of wear.

EUC & GUC: These also describe the item’s condition, as they stand for Excellent Used Condition & Good Used Condition.

Boutique: a condition that can be applied to a listing to note items that have been purchased wholesale or from a distributor and are being sold for the first time.

TTS: True to size

SZ: size

Bundle: This is slang for combining two or more items from one closet to save on shipping. Lots of sellers will also give you a bigger discount when bundling.

Trade: Mercari and Tradesy have strictly banned the users from making trades, but they are allowed on Poshmark. To do a trade, both Poshers agree to trade something in their closet for something in the other Posher’s closet. They each set the price of that item in their closet for a few bucks (in addition to shipping), to push the transaction through. Although Poshmark allows trades, they are much riskier than traditional purchases because Poshmark has no way of undoing the trade should something go wrong (one item lost in the mail, one Posher cancels after the other has already sent theirs, an item not as described, etc.)

OOTD: Frequently in blogs or Pinterest – it stands for Outfit Of The Day and usually includes sytle and color.

HTF: A seller may use this to indicate that an item is Hard To Find. It’s also common to see the term “rare” or “unicorn”, which basically mean the same thing. I notice this a lot when browsing the Lululemon gear and it has a lot to do with their merchandising strategy. Lululemon operates under a “scarcity” model, meaning that they introduce new gear every Tuesday, but make it in very limited quantities, which encourages ladies to rush in to get their beloved gear and cry into their mocha latte when they missed out. This is awesome news if you have Lululemon you’d like to sell, because depending on the style’s popularity, it can have over a 100% resale value, even if it has been gently worn. The die-hard Lululemon fans know that even though some items may get released year after year (the speed tight for example), each year the design is a little bit different from the last.

Speaking of LLL, there is an entire world of acronyms in the world of online thrifting for Lululemon. Here are the most used ones:

Angel: someone who will go to their local stores & purchase lulu for you (in the case that your store doesn’t have it and it’s sold out online) & mail it to you.

CRB: This is an acronym for Cood RacerBack that’s specific to the online thrifting world.

FTB: Free to Be bra

FTBW: Free To Be Wild bra

NLT: No limit tank

TTT: Ta Ta Tamer – a supportive bra

WAFS: We Are From Space – Refers to a space dye color pattern

WUC/WUP: Wunder under crops/pants

WMTM: stands for “we made too much” and indicates LLL gear with reduced prices.  Lululemon’s official website uploads items here every Thursday and it’s the closest thing they have to a sale!


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What I’m Wearing

French connection tee shirt dress $3.72, here

J. Crew Denim jacket $11, here

Maidenform flexees leggings, get them here

Converse in color “light surplus” purchased new, here


Whew, that was a lot of info! So, what about y’all? Ever stumbled upon a thrifting acronym that isn’t on my list? Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get to the bottom of it!

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